TriCore FAQ

TriCore Indoor Cycling Program

Not sure if the TriCore Indoor Cycling Certification is for you? No problem! Find out the most frequently asked questions regarding TriCore training, benefits, trainers, workshops, events, and more.

I'm not interested in being an instructor, but I want to learn the TriCore training techniques, can I just do a workshop?

Yes. You can simply attend a 2-hour or 4-hour TriCore Indoor Cycling Workshop. Click Here to find out more.

What benefits can I expect from using TriCore Indoor Cycling techniques?

TriCore offers users, both instructors and trainees, the ability to enhance their physical performance in a variety of ways, here are just a few:

  • Increased Physical Efficiency & Performance
  • Increased Neuromuscular Coordination
  • Increased Blood Supply & Nutrients to Joint Structures
  • Decreased Risk of Injury
  • Decreased Risk of Low Back Pain
  • Enhanced Enjoyment

What can obtaining my TriCore Indoor Cycling Certification do for me?

Trainers who are TriCore Certified are prepared to train in any indoor cycling studio. Using TriCore techniques, you'll have the ability to construct fun and challenging workouts, properly motivate your clients through coaching and music selection, and feel confident in your ability to teach proper cycling technique that is used by professional athletes.

Will I need to take a test in order to obtain my TriCore Certification?

Yes. Following the 8-hour certification, you will need to pass a written and oral exam in order get your certificate.

Can I host a TriCore Certification or Workshop at my indoor cycling studio?

Yes. We require a minimum of 10 paid participants and it must be held within the United States or Canada. You must provide the space, bikes, and audio equipment.

Do I need to own the Evo Fitness Bike to benefit from the TriCore Indoor Cycling Program?

No. While using the sway frame featured on the Evo Fitness Bike is a big plus, it is not necessary to benefit from the many facets of the TriCore Program. Benefits that can be enjoyed by using any indoor cycle include: proper workout and planning creation, motivational techniques, and proper riding technique.