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Orb™ Technology

The Evo Fitness Bike revolutionary ORB drive system.

The Orb™ internal flywheel and brake system ensures a safe, low maintenance ride in a sleek new look that adds a touch of high-class elegance to your home gym.

No Chains, No Belts, No Problems

The Orb™ Planetary Gear Drive System has a compact, single axis design that negates the need for a belt, chain, or external flywheel. It is a completely enclosed, three piece crank with an aligned sun gear.

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Low Maintenance and Safer Operation

As any indoor cycling studio can attest to, fitness bike maintenance can be a time-consuming, messy, and expensive issue. The Orb™ has no exposed pieces that could be subjected to corrosion and there's no need to worry about broken or loose belts or chains because there are none! The lack of exposed, moving pieces also means it's safer for anyone walking in front or behind you when you're exercising.

You Don't Have to be On the Road to Feel the Road

Unlike most indoor cycles that rely on belts and chains to drive a flywheel, the Orb's intermeshing planetary gear system creates a realistic feel and vibration that mimics riding a bike on concrete. This has led many cyclists to claim that the Evo Fitness Bike has the most realistic feel. Combined with the natural swaying motion facilitated by the RAMP™ feature, riding an Evo Fitness Bike is both fun and authentic.

How do Planetary Gearsets Work?

The Evo Fitness Bike utilizes a planetary gearset to give you greatly reduced maintenance and a real road feel in a compact package, but what is a planetary gearset anyway? Planetary gearsets utilize three main components: sun gear, planet gear, and a ring gear. The orientation of the components gives you the gear ratio you're looking for (7:1 in the case of the Evo Fitness Bike). If you'd like to see an illustration of a planetary gearset in motion, check out HowStuffWorks.com article by Clicking Here.