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InfiniteFit™ Handlebars

The Evo Fitness Bike revolutionary ORB drive system.

Each Evo Fitness Bike comes with a standard, specially designed set of handlebars that allow for the four most commonly used hand positions.The high-quality handlebar column enables vertical adjustments of up to 15 inches and fore/aft adjustments of 7 inches, allowing for a comfortable ride for users of any height.

Any Hand Position for All Training Types

No matter how you fit your bike, the InfiniteFit™ Handlebars and adjustments will give you a comfortable ride. From a standing climb to a crouched, seated sprint, you'll be able to find the perfect hand position.

Infinite Fit Handlebars on the Evo Fitness Bike

Fits Every Rider

The InfiniteFit™ Handlebars were specifically designed to give you the four most common hand positions for cycling. Even better, the adjustments to both the handlebars and seat allow for a variety of riding positions. People who are new to fitness can benefit from a higher handlebar position, allowing them to sit upright and taking pressure off their lower back. Experienced riders will enjoy a more aggressive stance; both positions are possible with the Evo Fitness Bike!